What’s contained in this free course?

  • Consolidated Knowledge

    10 weeks of live Fundamentals studies live from Israel with expert senior instructors. (10 classes, 1 live class per week, simultaneously translated to most European languages)

  • Local help

    After the lesson, scrutinize and engage with the content in greater depth with your local instructors.

  • Educational Opportunities

    Advanced = 10 weeks, ongoing graduate program lessons

  • Student Exchange

    Free, optional access, to our web-based community of students where you can meet and ask questions between classes.

  • Download What You Miss

    If you miss a class for any reason, you’ll find they are all available for free download following the live broadcast.

  • Technical Support

    If you encounter any problems accessing or viewing lessons, our full-time staff of volunteers are available to assist you.

I searched, questioned and looked for answers everywhere. I came to Kabbalah and it really changed everything, because it has the answers!
Mikael Folkesson
Mikael Folkesson
Gothenborg, Sweden
I searched so long for a reliable course and I finally found it here. It's so good to take part in this course and exchange with other students.
Charlotte Danieli
Charlotte Danieli
München, Germany
The answer turned out to be much more simple and surprisingly more beautiful than I ever imagined.
Eric Falbo
Eric Falbo
London, UK
When I discovered Kabbalah and enrolled in the Educational Center classes, the picture became whole and multidimensional. I found the wisdom and method that I was looking for, the direct method of the soul's development.
Anna Elkind
Anna Elkind
Denver, USA
The Bnei Baruch Education Center has organized a very open-hearted and welcoming structure for anyone willing to enter.
Purnor Sogangoz
Purnor Sogangoz
Istanbul, Turkey
I don't even have words to describe what happened inside of me. The only thing that I can think of is: Nothing is the same and my life has never made as much sense as it does right now!
Karin van den Berg
Karin van den Berg
Deventer, Netherlands

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What you get from this free course

  • A firm foundation in the method of authentic Kabbalah.
  • A deep understanding of Nature, the world and who you really are.
  • Practical tools for developing a new perspective of the world around you.
  • An awareness of the cause of problems in our personal lives and in society.

Applied Kabbalistic principles within these courses

  • You advance at your own pace
  • Your own desire will guide you toward the answers you seek
  • This study is open to everyone...
Free Online Kabbalah Course

Course Curriculum

Below is the full curriculum for the 10 lessons of the Kabbalah Fundamentals section of the course, taking place every Sunday.

Lesson 1: Where We Come From and Where Are We Headed – The Secrets of Kabbalah Revealed
General introduction to the Wisdom of Kabbalah.

Lesson 2: The Mystery of Happiness and the Key to Achieve It
Introduction to the foundations of Creation.

Lesson 3: Love – The General Law of Nature
Spiritual advancement at the degree of love.

Lesson 4: The Kabbalistic Compass
The key to working with authentic Kabbalistic texts.

Lesson 5: Free Choice
Being above our nature to receive to be in bestowal.

Lesson 6: The Roots of Creation
The four degrees of direct light.

Lesson 7: Perception of Reality
Revelation of the Upper World.

Lesson 8: There is None Else Beside Him
The Kabbalist’s work with the Creator.

Lesson 9: “New Life”
The power of connection – the foundation for building the future society.

Lesson 10: Concluding Lesson

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